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    For professionals

    Fibo works close with builders and other professional users of our products. On this page you will find answers for technical questions. If you can not find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

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    5 times faster per square meter
    One of the main advantages of using Fibo wall panels is that you save time on installation compared to regular ceramic tiles. In Norway, testing done by an independent company (Unikus) in 2014, showed that, on average, an installer would spend 5 times longer per m2 to fit standard tiling compared to Fibo wall panels. The time savings made are because there is less preparation work as you can mount Fibo directly onto battens or onto an existing tiled wall. In addition you avoid the time consuming task of gluing and grouting the tiles and time spent waiting for this to dry.
    Technical information
    For your information, included here are various documents including a technical data sheet, maintenance and care instructions and other useful certificates.
    • Technical approvals
    • Installation instructions
    • EDP
    • Declarations
    • Fire and noise
    • Other documents
    • FDV Documention
    • Brochure
    Technical approvals
    Sintef Approval Norwegian pdf
    Sintef Approval pdf
    Sitac Sverige pdf
    MK Danmark pdf
    VTT Finland pdf
    To improve our environmental performance is an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods. See our approvals, certifications and fitting instructions here.
    Enviromental Product Declaration for our wallpanels and Kitchen board
    Grønt Punkt
    Certificate of membership for Green Dot Norway
    More about our certifications
    15 year Fibo Guarantee
    A new bathroom is a huge investment for most people. Therefore it is great to know that Fibo offers a 15 year Guarantee which gives you peace of mind for the future.
    The reason for Fibo's 15 year warranty is Aqualock, Fibo's own patented solution for wetroom walls 
    Aqualock was introduced in 2005 and revolutionized the market by setting a new standard for invisible and waterproof seams.
    Aqualock is the secret that will make your dream bathroom watertight as well as beautiful
    Increase the value of your property
    The condition of the bathroom is often of concern when you are looking to buy a new house. With the Fibo 15-year warranty, new owners will have security in knowing that they are safe from unforseen expenses during this period when using Fibo products.
    Carbon footprint
    Fibo as a company is concerned that we produce goods whilst constantly being aware of sustainability and the environment. We believe we have a commitment to reduce our environmental impact and therefore work to reduce emissions and energy consumption. It is one of the reasons that in 2016/17 we are investing more than NOK 100 million in new machinery and equipment to improve efficiency while reducing our total energy needs.  
    Responsibility starts at the factory. In 2017 Fibo finalizes a major reconstruction and replacement of equipment project which means we will use far less energy than previously. Meanwhile, we have much better logistics within the plant that makes transportation much more efficient. We are constantly improving our processes, on both macro and micro levels, with the environment in mind.
    Fibo received an EPD declaration in 2014. The acronym EPD, used in both Norwegian and international context, stands for Environmental Product Declaration. An EPD is made on the basis of a life cycle analysis (LCA). The standardised methods ensure that environmental information within the same product category is the same from one product to another regardless of region or country. The purpose is to enable customers to look at the environmental profile of the product and make an assessment and a choice where environmental consideration is part of the specification process. Fibo's EPD declaration can be used by developers when a new building has to be classified with a BREEAM Score.
    Breeam score
    BREEAM NOR is a comprehensive classification system for construction - with the possibility of certification via NGBC. BREEAM NOR is a Norwegian adaptation of BREEAM International and was launched in October 2011. The points are awarded for ten areas according to performance. These points are then added together into one overall score on a scale; Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding. Building types that can be assessed using BREEAM NOR criteria are offices, some types of industrial / warehouse, retail and education. It is also possible that other types of buildings can be assessed through BREEAM NOR, but then through a so-called Bespoke scheme, which means that the criteria is customized for a particular building type.

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