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    Fibo explorer
    With more than 90 different colours and patterns and 30 different grout line designs Fibo has more than 750 combinations to choose from. With Fibo Explorer you can try them out - in both bathroom and kitchen settings.
    More Than 750 Varieties
    Wall panels for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, toilets, utility rooms, offices, laboratories, receptions or whichever room you want.
    90+ colours and textures
    30 different tile designs

    5 times faster per square meter
    One of the main advantages of using Fibo wall panels is that you save time on installation compared to regular ceramic tiles. In Norway, testing done by an independent company (Unikus) in 2014, showed that, on average, an installer would spend 5 times longer per m2 to fit standard tiling compared to Fibo wall panels. The time savings made are because there is less preparation work as you can mount Fibo directly onto battens or onto an existing tiled wall. In addition you avoid the time consuming task of gluing and grouting the tiles and time spent waiting for this to dry.

    6 collections

    We have six different wall panel collections, each with their own distinct expression.

    Light stone textures, is the main feature of the Crescendo collection.
    This collection has a special surface which is developed by Fibo, where the texture has a 3D feel of a stone surface.

    Marcato is our coolest collection.
    Here you can find wood structures, cement- and concrete surfaces, and many others effectfull textures.

    Traditional Range includes a variety of colours and surfaces - all plain panels without a tile design.
    What is your dream bathroom?
    Knock yourself out with our great Colour collection.
    We have a great selection of different colors in both high gloss and extra matte.
    With our great selection of colors there are many possibilities for you to create your own unique expression.
    Adagio is an exciting collection with different stone textures.
    Get a feeling of Italy or Greece with marble and other great stone immitations.
    Neutral and modern colors!
    A comfortable collection with neutral and diffuse colors.
    White, sand, and a collection of grey is the staple of Legato.
    The Marcato collection comes in a range of color, textures, and tilesizes. There are many exciting combinations to be explored. Click here to get inspired.
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