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Press Info

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    Press information

    Here you will find press information and should you need access to interior pictures or the Fibo logo, the link to OpenBrand is found below.

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    If there is something you can't find an answer to on our webpage, or you require other information, we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
    Kevin Hægeland
    Marketing Manager
    +47 932 44 383
    Hege F. Ludviksen
    Customer service center manager
    +47 934 85 028
    Tor Helge Langfjord
    Marketing coordinator
    +47 416 28 628
    Elise Almås
    Product manager
    +47 452 34 557
    Do you have questions about Fibo? View our FAQ page or contact us through our contact form.
    Press kit
    In our press kit you will find the Fibo logo and a selection of interior pictures that can be downloaded.

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