Employment at Fibo

Employment at Fibo

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    Employment at Fibo

    Want a job where you can reach your goals? Here you will find an overview over vacant positions at Fibo. If any of the positions seems interesting, click the link to learn more about them, and how you can apply.

    Fibo provides
    Professional and personal development
    Exciting challenges
    Variation in the work days
    Good work environment with focus on wellbeing and motivation
    Good working conditions
    Our coworkers are out greatest resource. 
    We therefore uses great resources to train and develop the right coworkers.
    Your development starts as soon as you enter the door.
    Fibo provides challenging jobs, exciting career possibilities, and individuall development, and only you limits how far you can reach.
    At Fibo, we are a family.  Everyone is included.
    Everyone performs.
    Everyone makes decisions.

    Alf Egil
    The Fibo work environment

    For Fibo it is important to create a good work environment.
    At the same time it's important for us to create the right balance between work and spare time - and try to facilitate that as best as possible.
    Lean is well implemented in all parts of the company, and we have on multiple occations been crowned the Lean Company of the year in Norway.
    The demands great cooperation, with a high degree of involvement from all our coworkers, something which gives a high level of participation in work situations.

    Internal pride

    At Fibo we're proud of the products we produce, and every day we work with the production, warehouse, logistics, and customer follow up, to make sure that we can give all our customer the best service, and make sure that our deliveries are on time, with the best possible quality every time.

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    Mail: ordre@fibosystem.com     Customer service: +47 38 34 33 00     Main office: +47 38 34 33 00

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