Wall Panel standard corner

Fibo Standard corner profile

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    1. Fibo Standard corner profile

    Installation of the base profile
    Install the base profile about 60 - 80 mm from the floor, by applying sealant to the lower end on the back side of the profile, and screw it to the wall.
    This applies to both the base profile and the corner profile.
    To make sure the profile is level, it is recomended that you use a level or a laser.
    Starting installation and adjusting
    Start the installation as shown on the drawing.
    Length adjustment of the panel is done towards the ceiling.
    The corner profile is attatched to the panel, and then the panel and corner profile is swung into place into the corner.
    Be aware that in a wet zone where sealant is required, it is recomended that you adjust everything first before the sealant is applied.
    Panel and corner profile are attached
    The panel is attached at the top.
    Let there be atleast 5mm clearance up to the ceiling.
    Before you attach the corner profile, there need to be pre-drilled and countersunk holes in the profile, to make the screws sit flush and the corner profile easy to attach to the wall stud.
    The next panel is fitted
    Make sure that the next panel is level and is adjusted to the wallstud.
    When the corner is reached, there is a need to account for about 2mm expansion in the top for the corner list.
    In a wet zone its required that an aproved sealant is used.
    Apply the sealant
    Apply the approved sealant on the lower edge as shown on the drawing.
    Spread out the sealant with the sealant tool.
    It is important that the sealant that is applied in the corner profile before the panel is clicked in is put towards the inside part.
    This is toprevent the sealant from being visible after the panel is placed in the corner profile.
    Fasten the panels with screws
    Fasten down the panel into the wall studs.
    Use a screw every 200mm.
    Cleaning and sealing
    Clean the edges on both the receiving panel and the one about to be fitted, and prepare them both for sealant.
    Apply the sealant to the meeting edges, before the panel is clicked into place
    It is important to use enough sealant to make sure the seals are watertight.
    The sealant should be overflowing consistently all along the seam.
    Applying and cleaning of excess sealant
    When the seam is completely covered with sealant consistently, the excess can be cleaned off.
    Spray Fibo Clean on all overflowing sealant.
    Then run the Fibo Fug sealant tool to remove all overflowing sealant.
    If there is any remaining sealant after, it can be wiped off with Fibo Wipes.
    Drill a hole that is 5mm bigger in diameter than the pipe.
    Edges of the hole is cleaned after the drilling, and have sealant applied to it.
    Use approved pipe grommets like Sanipex or similar.
    Finish above the door
    The final panel is flanged in on end to make the seam nice.
    Attach with staples that can be hidden by ceiling/door strips.
    Sealing the base
    Apply sealant as shown on the drawing.
    Remember that membrane needs to be a minimum of 45mm over tile edging.
    Always use certified sealant to get the room certified according to the wet room standard.

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