Kitchen Board with bottom strip

Kitchen Board with bottom strip

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    1. Kitchen Board with bottom strip

    Meassure and adjust
    Meassure the area and cut the panels so they fit the meassurements.
    Adjustment for height is to be done at the top of the panel.
    Remember to adjust for any overlap.
    You need to predrill and use an apropriate wall anchor, if the kitchenboard is to be mounted on a brickwall.
    Find the studs and use them to attatch the panels.
    Adjust the bottomlist
    Adjust the bottom list to the desired length.
    Apply sealant on the underside of the list.
    Screw down the bottom list
    Drill holes in the list at the apropriate locations.
    Countersink the holes in the list to allow the kitchenboard to glide smoothly into the list.
    Screw the bottom list to the wall.
    Click the panels together
    The panels are clicked together, before they are fitted to the wall.
    Sealant in the bottomlist
    Apply sealant inside of the bottom list, and make it ready to have the kitchenboard installed.
    The panels are installed
    The panels are lifted up while being clicked together, and is placed in the bottom list.
    Remove excess sealent.
    Panels are installed Screw the panels in the top and on the sides.
    To avoid damage to the edges of the panels, its recomended to predrill the panles.
    Installation of edge lists Top- and sidelists are adjusted, have sealant applied, and is installed.
    There need to be sealant applied to all of the bottomlist.

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