Combi profile

Installation with Combi profile

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    1. Installation with Combi profile

    Preparation Use a 12 mm plywood, or 23x48 mm strips/studs mounted vertically at each corner, and horizontally if using wooden studs with c / c 30 cm. It is particularly important that there is a horizontal stud behind the Fibo panel, where the bottom of the toilet bowl if fitted.
    Fitting the combi profile on the wall From the rear wall, the combi profile can be used as illustrated in the picture. This is screwed into the vertical stud. If this is an area that is exposed to water splashes, we also recommend sealing with sealant so that watertight transitions from the laminate side to the profile.
    External corners The panel joints on the outside corners can either be worn with L-profile narrow ,or L-profile wide. Alternative it can be solved with an aluminium external corner profile

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